1Dong An service always desire to offer the customers high quality meals which are delicious, safe, nutritious and ensure enough energy for doing activities such as learning, working, playing sports effectively. Therefore, choosing materials and cooking method are very important. We only use cooking materials which are provided by prestige, reliable suppliers who have obvious origin and attain sanitary standard.



2In addition, to satisfy customers' taste, menus are usually changed with new nutritious, digestive dishes . The effort of our professional, devoted, talent team following the guideline: “customers are always right” are making us relied by many customers.

Continuously improve quality, in the near future, we are going to equip steam cooks, freezing storages with sanitary standard approved by the Department of Heath to keep food in the best condition.





3Dong An Corp has invited the Preventive Heath Center to examine food safety works and give training for all Dong An Catering staff. Besides the vital things like customers' taste, food quality, price, the most important thing in catering is still the final product to customers. Dong An Catering confirms its product quality by the evaluation of customer. So to be successful, we also need other valuable support from customers and concerned people,  

With customer minded and team effort, we believe that Dong An Catering services will be more and more developed and reliable by customers.

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